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Highly professional and timely service allows you to organize the production process on new equipment as efficiently as possible, eliminates long downtime and associated costs, and serves as a guarantee of successful operation of the equipment

Full production cycle

We don't have any third-party contractors. We process metal ourselves in the machine shop, and in the radio assembly shop we produce controllers and chips ourselves (replace chips with Boards). Therefore, we have no problems in order to "make friends" with hardware and electronics, wait for Chinese parts or send components to the customer.

Design expertise

Our company grew out of the design bureau, the first manufacturer of typewriters and calculating machines in the USSR. We carefully study the design and technological documentation, so we take into account the needs of customers at the design stage. We are inventors who have implemented more than 200 developments and technologies in the production of packaging equipment.

Own software

We assemble the boards, controllers and chips ourselves and write software for it ourselves. Thanks to this, you do not depend on supplies from Asian markets, the electronic filling fully takes into account all the features of your production, and its own development reduces the cost of all equipment.

Proven quality

Our equipment works at the largest production facilities in Russia and 15 other countries, we have international EU certification. Every year we visit a dozen international exhibitions, where we present our new products. Participant of the federal R&D program jointly with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia. Member of Rosspetsmash, Association of Packaging and Processing Equipment, machine-building cluster and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Tatarstan.

We have completely Russian and Tatarstan production, so you, buying our equipment, can participate in government programs and receive subsidies.





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