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The complex is designed for automatic packaging and packaging of dusty products: flour, starch, spices, etc. in three-seam bags up to 80 microns thick on the basis of polypropylene.

A portion of the desired volume is formed by rotating the screw. To do this, set the speed sufficient to receive one dose. The valve at the end of the screw sleeve prevents product residues from spilling out.

For the exact operation of the module, it is necessary that the feed hopper and screw sleeve is continuously filled with the product being packaged. For this, the dosing module will be supplemented by a feeding screw conveyor.


Productivity, pack /minUp to 25
The dosed mass, gram, no more2000
Package Dimensions:
length mm from 80 to 300
width mmfrom 70 to 235
Packaging material Polypropylene, BOPP
Film thickness, micronsfrom 30 to 80
Maximum roll width, mm550
Minimum roll width, mm165
Diameter of a roll of a film, mm, no more350
Weight of a roll, kg, no more25
Number of memorized programs, pcs30
Film unwinding driveAsynchronous gear motor
Film driveAsynchronous gear motor
Longitudinal welding driveAsynchronous gear motor
Transverse welding driveAsynchronous gear motor
The volume of the load bucket, liters
The volume of the storage hopper, liters32
Dispenser Power Supply380 V, 50 HZ, 3 kW
Packing Device Power Supply220 V, 50 HZ, 3,5 kW
Air consumption, l / min10
Air Pressure, MPa0,6
Noise level, dB, no more75
Type of photoelectric positioneroptical encoder
Type of device for printing Thermal, Thermal Transfer
Body materialstructural steel
Contact surface materialFood approved materials
Overall dimensions of the device (length × width × height), mm1600х1300х2600
Weight, kg540

Delivery is carried out in several ways:1) The customer independently picks up the equipment and the cargo travels from point "A" to point "B" 2) We deliver the equipment to the terminal of the transport company chosen by the customer in Kazan - carried out by our own forces (own vehicles). 3) Urgent small loads (for example, spare parts), in this case we resort to air transportation. 4) The fourth method is "mixed", when the equipment can go first by road, then railway transportation, and then delivery by river transport.The shipment of cargo is mainly carried out by the transport company PEC, small parcels - through SDEC Check the delivery time of the cargo with your manager. On average, delivery takes from 2 to 5 days, long–distance destinations - from 1 week.Payment:1) The delivery is paid, after that Integral Plus LLC pays the invoice under the contract with the transport company; 2) Payment directly by TC on the invoice.


1 year warranty.After purchasing the equipment, you get a 1-year warranty. It includes: - online consultations on commissioning and debugging of all processes; - delivery of spare parts and repairs at our expense if necessary; - solution of all issues related to the smooth and productive operation of the equipment.Warranty for 2 years.In order to get a factory warranty for 2 years, it is necessary to carry out commissioning.3-year warranty.An extended 3-year warranty can be purchased for a fee.

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