Filling and packaging machinery

The minimum configuration of filling and packaging machinery intends a dosing module and a packaging machine.

The product is delivered to the dosing module, which forms portions of the desired mass. Further, the packaging machine packs these portions into a film. Feeding and diverting conveyors are added to this bundle for speeding the process up.

The choice of the dosing module affects the productivity of the entire complex and the dosing error. The module is also selected based on the type of free-running products that the complex will work with.

Weighing dosing modules differ in the number of cascades and streams:

● Streams are an automated line of vibrating trays, which products pass simultaneously before entering the packing machine. The more there are such streams, the more products pass through the dosing module, and the more productive it is.

● Cascades are vibrating trays, which products pass sequentially. Due to the two levels of vibrating trays, the module measures the weight of each portion more accurately, so the dosing error is lower in two-stage modules.

Modules with two stages are also used for packing large bulk products. For example, dumplings or sweets.

Screw dosing module is selected for dosing of powdered products.

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