Horizontal packaging machines

Horizontal packaging machines pack food and non-food piece products and product groups in rolled materials.

The machines pack products in three-seam bags made of polypropylene-based film.

They differ in output rate and level of automation, while the speed of the machines depends largely on the size of the product. The film roll can be placed on top or bottom, proceeding from the customer's requirements.

Machines with a roll of film that are placed on the bottom are more suitable for group packaging. Products made in this form are laid out immediately on the stretched film. This is useful if there is need to pack products of different sorts, herbs, or crumbling products.

In order to create a finished package the machines can be equipped with additional device:

● label applicator for applying self-adhesive labels to packaging,

● eye mark sensors for packaging products in a film with a pattern,

● printers for applying a barcode or date,

● devices for injection of gas or alcohol to increase the storage life of the product,

● vacuum suction.

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