Vertical packaging machines

Intended for packaging any free-running food and non-food products. Automated machines differ in performance, types of packaging film, and the ability to work with packages of different sizes and shapes.

As a rule, the need for a packaging machine arises in the food, chemical or production industries.

This can be the production of tea and coffee, confectionery, cereals, sugar or dried fruits. Also, non-food products such as granular fertilizers, animal feed, small construction parts, and the like.

If your product belongs to the above categories, then a vertical packaging machine is suitable for its packaging.

Machines are selected and configured for a specific product to be packaged. The choice of products affects the type and thickness of the packaging film, size and shape of packages.

Packaging production automation needs machines to be supplemented with dosing modules that form portions of the right size, and feeding and diverting conveyors. Additional nodes are selected based on the customer’s goals. The result is a finished product that can be sent to stores.

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